Best of 2020

Best of 2020
Here are the top five High career stories of 2020 for you. Enjoy!


Ashley and Deanna
Getting started in a new job can be both exhilarating and confusing. Add social distancing to the mix and the experience can be even more of a challenge. Here, two recently hired co-workers explain how they handled the COVID-modified onboarding process template at High. Read more


Smiling hiring manager shaking a job candidate's hand
Getting an interview for a job you want can hinge on the quality of your resume. Our recruiting team collected these resume do’s and don’ts from hiring managers at High. Read more


John McCormick smiles at the camera
"A solid foundation of accounting, finance, and economics helps you to understand and communicate how key business decisions impact results." Read more


Four interns on a video conference call
Working as an intern can be a pathway to a High career. Four High Concrete Group co-workers talk about how internships can lead to full-time jobs. Read more


Rusty Wynegar responds to an off-camera interviewer
"I have never worked so hard, constantly thinking about new strategies, and what the next move would be to keep the momentum going, getting everyone to pull in the same direction." Read more