What to Expect When You Join High

Hi, I’m Lori Guiseppe, Director of Learning & Talent Development here at High. My role is focused 100 percent on the engagement and growth of our workforce. One of our company’s strategic priorities is to supercharge talent development. And each of our managers is held accountable for supporting this priority.

We believe in the benefits of a culture of engagement, collaboration, and development. Where talented people feel inspired to come to work, make valuable contributions, and grow both professionally and personally.

We make a very intentional effort to create a culture of engagement by focusing on the co-worker’s experience with their immediate manager, with their job, and with the company. We collect formal feedback through our annual survey, where we average a 90 percent participation rate, which is a testament to how responsive we are to the feedback – we wouldn’t consistently have such a high response rate to the survey if we failed to take action on the feedback.

When joining the High company, you will notice right away that we care about you as a person first. This is why we have a comprehensive health management program that rewards you for participating in annual health screenings and preventative care appointments.

We also have a Co-worker Activity Committee that coordinates fun social events throughout the year, intended to build connections and reinforce the importance of having work-life harmony.

We provide a variety of opportunities to learn, stretch, and perform challenging work to keep you engaged and unleash your potential. Within 30 days of joining High, you will have meaningful goals to focus on, goals that align with the priorities of the business and give you a sense of purpose right away.

At the very center of what we do is The High Philosophy, which is grounded in two key ideas: building trustworthy relationships and driving innovation. We believe if we can do these things exceptionally well, we will sustain the long-term success of the business and have meaningful impact on our co-workers, our customers, and the community.

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