Learning Events

Continuing Education

The Key to Your Development

At High, we offer team enrichment activities for a department to take time out to build a foundation of trust, connect as people, and foster an environment of inclusion.

Our 24/7 online learning platform provides a variety of on-demand virtual courses, at the point of need.

We offer leadership development workshops for newly hired, newly promoted, or potentially promoted managers at High. We believe in providing our managers with the necessary resources, strategies, and support to build the right level of confidence and competence to have a positive impact.

High provides an annual training calendar of classes available for all employees, featuring topics that align with the company culture and business priorities.

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“To be a great leader you can never stop having the appetite to learn. The 'Managing & Leading Course' is an excellent learning opportunity for all levels of leadership.”
Rusty Wynegar, VP Operations, High Steel Structures