How High Promotes Healthy Living

How High Promotes Healthy Living

Co-workers’ health and wellness are important to them and their families, just as a healthy workforce is a key to the sustainability and future of the company. That’s the main reason that High is committed to helping co-workers and their families live their healthiest lives possible. At the core of this commitment is the High Health Management Program, a voluntary rewards-driven approach that reinforces our culture of health.

A key driver of healthcare costs lies in the everyday choices we make. Good choices in what we eat, how much we exercise and sleep, and how we take care of ourselves generally can mean fewer health challenges. By encouraging small changes over time, we help co-workers benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Rewards for making healthy choices

Throughout the year, participating co-workers can be rewarded for regular gym visits, purchasing fitness equipment, health coaching, completing a weight loss program, and attending preventive care appointments. Co-workers who submit these expenses through High’s Healthy Rewards program can earn up to $300 per year.

Individualized support to achieve goals

High offers the services of a full-time health coach who is dedicated to improving the health of our co-workers and insured dependents. As the coach, I work with co-workers and their spouses who want to improve their numbers as well as individuals who are faced with health challenges. Health coaching is 100 percent confidential.

Annual biometric screenings are a health report card

There is power in knowing your numbers. High’s annual biometric screening is a tool to help co-workers and their spouses identify whether they are at risk for conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Participation in this event qualifies co-workers and insured spouses for a preferred medical plan contribution rate each year.

Quitting tobacco

Quitting tobacco is one of the most beneficial if most challenging actions we can take. High supports a healthier work environment through its tobacco-free properties and is committed to supporting both co-workers and their spouses who choose to quit through a variety of cessation programs.  

A steady diet of useful information

To reinforce our culture of health, co-workers receive a quarterly newsletter with health and wellness information and healthy recipes. Every month topical wellness emails provide tips such as how to manage stress, get enough sleep, eat right during the holidays, and stay safe during the pandemic. Monthly wellness webinars bring experts to talk about nutrition, exercise, and more.

Co-workers also have access to High’s comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a confidential service available 24/7 through Aetna’s Resources for Living. The EAP provides five free counseling sessions to any co-worker or household member per issue each year. It also provides online resources and free or discounted professional services for financial and legal issues.

Life offers us many choices and High’s Health Management Program helps co-workers and their families make the best choices for a happier and healthier life.