My proudest accomplishment at High

My name is Brittany Colmery. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

I joined High in October of 2015. I was an associate design engineer for a year and then I graduated to a design engineer. My design team is one of 10.

You can do really cool and exciting things with precast concrete. I work primarily on parking garages.

We come up with what the architect wants and we produce those designs for the modelers. The biggest technologies I work with would be Autocad and then also Excel.

The 3D models are really helpful for being able to show the architect exactly what they’re going to get.

My proudest accomplishment at High has been designing my first garage. To fully design it and go out and see it being produced and now seeing it in production is just really a cool accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend working for High to somebody that’s coming out of college or looking for a job.

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