Greenfield: An outstanding center for community in Lancaster

Greenfield A Center for Community

More than an industrial park, Greenfield rebrands as a community

Since its beginnings in the 1960s, Greenfield has evolved from an industrial park to a corporate center, to a vibrant 600-acre mixed-use, community-oriented hub for business, education, hospitality, and residential living. While it remains the premier address for businesses in Central Pennsylvania, Greenfield is so much more. Here, a wide range of people makes an impact in the Lancaster community, region, and nation; including:

  • 225 businesses with approximately 4,000 employees
  • 2,000 students from five colleges
  • 1,950 neighbors living in residential communities
  • 200 hotels guests daily

After extensive research into what was most important to the businesses and residents that call Greenfield home, High introduced an enhanced brand that reflects the attributes that are most important to Greenfield customers.

A new logo with the tagline “Better Living. Better Business. Better Community,” represents a renewed commitment to growth, sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a shared sense of place.

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Greenfield - better community
"We’ve cultivated a place where planning, thinking, doing, and making happen every day.”
Mark Fitzgerald, President and COO, High Real Estate Group LLC
“When businesses thrive, people thrive, and when people thrive, communities thrive. That’s why Greenfield is a Center for Community.”
Mike Lorelli, Senior Vice President – Commercial Asset Management, High Associates Ltd.

Greenfield community: Facts & Numbers


New branding Greenfield
Address 1853 William Penn Way, Lancaster, PA 17601, United States
Highlighted statistics
  • 2,000 students
  • 1,400 residents
  • 225 businesses
  • 4,000 employees
Community-oriented activities
  • Social
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Health & Well-being
New Greenfield development
  • Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Diesel Tech School 86,000 square feet
  • New Warehouse 229,000 square feet
  • 92 new homes in Eastwood Village Lancaster
  • 300 future apartments
  • 3 miles of pathways

FAQs about Greenfield

Answer: Greenfield development plan is aiming to create and sustain many jobs at a difficult time in the US when it is needed the most. Additionally, many partners will be part of bringing this plan to life and providing a positive boost to our economy and community.

Answer: The college will host courses in welding, masonry technologies, and computer-aided design while maintaining its 50,000-square-foot facility at 1812 Colonial Lane in Greenfield.



We Care About the Environment

We Care About the Environment

Bridge to Opportunity

Bridge to Opportunity