High Company

Co-ops: Finding your future

Co-ops provide students the opportunity to earn high school and vocational credits while gaining the skills for 21st-century careers. You will go to school for part of the day and then leave to work at a job in your interest area. 

The goal is to help you find meaningful work and a sustainable career in an occupation with high pay, high demand, and high skill. Working with High, you will test-drive your career to make sure it’s the right one for you. 

A young woman in an open welding helmet smiles at the camera.

Co-ops at High

What you can do as a co-op at one of the High companies: 

  • Learn to work in a team and be accountable to yourself and others 
  • Work on and contribute to actual projects alongside High co-workers 
  • Explore long-term career opportunities and ways to increase your skills and pay over time 
  • See what it’s like to be part of High, and why our co-workers build their careers here 
  • Take a big step toward your life goals and be a valued member of the community 
Students share a laugh with an instructor inside a welding lab.
A young woman in a welding mask welds a girder while an instructor looks on.

“Since I've worked here over the summer I've learned to work as a team with other people.” 
– Mel D., Co-op, York County School of Technology