Live, work and play in Greenfield

Long known as corporate park, Greenfield faces a test of its concept

From LancasterOnline

November 20, 2022—Mary Emelio measures the evolution of Greenfield in East Lampeter Township in convenience. 

It takes Emelio just six minutes to go home from work at lunch to walk her chihuahua, Layla. In just minutes she can enjoy a walk on a trail, shopping and restaurants in the community where she lives and works. 

Known as a corporate park for almost 50 years, Greenfield has evolved.

With the development of 115 acres at Willow and Greenfield roads including 600 new apartments in the next two years, Greenfield faces a test of its relatively new center for community concept, a lifestyle catering to today's needs.

Central to the vision of High Associates - owner and developer of Greenfield - are its “brand pillars,” amenities around health and wellness, socialization, education and environment.


Aerial view of Greenfield