Rebuilding America's Infrastructure

My name is Cassandra Roth. I'm an Engineering Technician 1 and I work for High Steel Structures

I help design the shop drawings for the bridges to be made. So my drawings and the designs go out into the shop and then they're fabricated. Then the bridge components go out and they get erected and they are made.

When you think about it, the greatest part of working for High Steel and working for a company like this is, we're rebuilding America's infrastructure. We're creating bridges that millions of people drive over every single day. And we're ensuring people's safety.

If you're thinking about coming into the engineering world and you're a female like me don't let that stop you. This is a great place to work. Everyone's very friendly. It's a great atmosphere and it's a satisfying career and you actually get to go out in the world and see what you are designing.

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