How I Live The High Philosophy

The High Philosophy

Four of this year’s winners of the Good Measure Awards reflected on life at High and The High Philosophy. An homage to founder Sanford H. High’s counsel to “Give Good Measure,” the awards recognize outstanding co-workers who exemplify High’s hardworking, can-do culture, and the tenets of The High Philosophy: to build trustworthy relationships and be innovative leaders.


What about The High Philosophy is most meaningful to you?

Tyler S. is a project architect with Greenfield Architects Ltd.:

The part of The High Philosophy that I value the most is the focus on innovation.

Brian H. works as an estimating project coordinator at High Steel Structures LLC:

What’s most meaningful to me about The High Philosophy is building trustworthy relationships.  

Joel W. works at High Company LLC as a tax manager.:

The High Philosophy uses words such as valuing, respecting, and teamwork which all are meaningful, and in today’s world all need to be used more frequently. But “Right the first time” is the most meaningful to me. That is my goal: Do it right the first time!

Kristen M. is a graphic arts coordinator at High Company LLC:

It is meaningful to know that High has such a philosophy they strive to live by because it shows the integrity of the company and the value they have for their co-workers and customers. 

How do you live The High Philosophy?

Brian H.: I live the High Philosophy by treating my coworkers with respect and by working together as a team member. This helps to ensure we all succeed, not only here at High, but also in life itself. No matter what role you have it takes teamwork from everyone to succeed. I try to lead by example here at High when it comes to following the tenets of The High Philosophy.  

Kristen M.: Most importantly building trustworthy relationships is key both in my working relationships as well as my personal ones. Respect, teamwork, recognition, and encouragement are key attributes that lead to quality, successful relationships. 

Tyler S.: In every project and every task within a project, I aim to go further and better than I did on the previous project. I like to introduce new ideas or just redevelop better ways for accomplishing old ideas. I try to bring in current technologies and modern products and design methods into each project to keep Greenfield Architects at the top of the architectural game. 

Joel W.: Valuing my customers’ needs and respecting co-workers go hand-in-hand for me, as most of my customers are internal. My goal is to give them a product that is right and on time, showing them that their requests are meaningful.

What do you like most about working at High?

Joel W.: The best thing about working at High all these years is the co-workers. The opportunity to learn from each other and to garner the experiences as people come and go has allowed me to continue to grow and learn. Working in the back office, I do get a sense of pride in seeing all the projects that have been completed over the years whether on the real estate or industry side of the business. Knowing, that in some small way, I contributed to helping to complete the project.

Tyler S.: One great thing about working for High is having access to multiple other businesses and professionals within the High umbrella. This adds variety to the everyday work and allows for a greater level of accountability for trying new ideas. I love being able to work on a variety of high-profile projects and getting to test out my abilities in various project types and scopes.

Kristen M.: What I like most about working at High is the diversity in all the businesses and how each co-worker contributes to the whole of what High is and represents.  

Brian H.: What I like most is the great co-workers and seeing the structures that I had a part in fabricating for our customers. There have been some complex structures that I have worked on throughout my career here at High and I have always loved the challenges of making them and seeing the product through fruition. A point of pride for me is knowing that I am helping to rebuild America's infrastructure. Every time we travel underneath the brand-new Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway bridge on the way to the mountains my youngest son says "Look, that is Daddy's bridge!".