Step By Step Wellness

Vision Statement

Create and sustain an environment in which our co-workers are able to thrive mentally, physically and emotionally in order to lead productive well-balanced lives.

Mission Statement

Work as a catalyst to empower co-workers and their families practice healthy lifestyle choices by providing education, awareness, tools and guidance.

Why Wellness at High?

High’s wellness program is designed to encourage, educate and motivate our co-workers to make healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis.  By making our co-workers’ health a priority, we hope to create a better quality of life for them as well as control rising healthcare costs and improve our productivity and safety practices.

At the core of High’s wellness initiative is the Wellness Challenge.  Not only have many High co-workers taken steps to improve their health but they have also saved Money on medical premiums by completing a required number of Challenge options.  The first step in participation requires the completion of a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) to help identify personal risk factors and any controllable at-risk behaviors.  The goal of the Wellness Challenge is to encourage our co-workers to:

  • Adopt healthier behaviors by identifying risks and providing education  
  • Focus on major preventable health risk behaviors—tobacco use, nutrition, obesity, and exercise  
  • Monitor controllable, measurable health risks such as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels

High offers another unique wellness opportunity to its co-workers known as the BRiDGE Project. In conjunction with the Lancaster County Business Group on Health, this Lancaster-based program is for diabetic co-workers and eligible family members interested in learning more about managing their disease through proper diet, exercise, counseling and medication.  Participants schedule monthly face-to-face visits with a trained and certified pharmacist who acts as the designated coach.  Participants receive incentives that include waived or reduced deductibles and co-pays for lab tests and the medications and supplies required to treat their disease.High is committed to improving the health of its workforce through a variety of on-site health fairs, biometric screenings, lunch and learns and other wellness-related events.