High’s Commitment to Diversity

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is firmly rooted in The High Philosophy, a blueprint that guides our company culture and values. Demonstrating respect for the dignity of all co-workers and their families exemplifies our belief in building quality co-worker relations and appreciating the many backgrounds, races and cultures of a diverse workforce. We also believe that creating an environment for innovation is best achieved by recognizing and celebrating differences in age, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, veteran status and background. Additionally, attracting, developing and retaining coworkers who reflect our diverse customers enables us to be better business partners and is essential to our success.

We encourage diversity through our actions designed to create and promote an inclusive, nurturing, respectful, supportive work environment and an atmosphere which values the free and open exchange of ideas and beliefs. We ensure that fairness, respect and opportunity for everyone at our company are integral to all aspects of employment—recruiting, hiring, placement, training, compensation, promotional opportunities and professional development.