Signing the ceremonial beam, L-R: Randall Horst, Chair, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster; S. Dale High, Chair Emeritus, High Companies; Mark Fitzgerald, President and COO, High Real Estate Group LLC; Mayor Danene Sorace, City of Lanca

STEM: Getting a Hands-on Education

STEM: Getting a Hands-on Education

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High school teacher Jill Hackman’s day worked out so atypically this past August 7th that it still makes her laugh. Helmeted and goggled, she squatted, holding a trowel she’d never seen before, never mind used. She held it in place and leaned into it, smoothing over wet concrete, noticing its properties of resistance, its weight, its
dirty stickiness.... Read more

A high school teacher pours concrete into a mold with High Concrete Group co-workers.
December 13, 2017

High school teacher Jill Hackman at High Concrete Group's Denver Plant


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