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High Steel Structures LLC is one of the largest steel bridge girder producers and erectors in the United States. As fabricator of more than 6,000 bridges, the company produces a wide range of complex components and offers supplemental fabrication services of heavy building girders and weldments to a variety of industries. High Steel has been instrumental in the development of innovative processes and materials throughout its long history as an industry leader and is poised to play a prominent role in the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure.

Pictured: Charleston's landmark Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge—the longest cable-stay bridge in North America. It is High Steel’s largest project to date. The company fabricated, inspected, coated and delivered more than 6,000 components totaling 38,000 tons of steel including massive 40-ton girders and innovative, complex shark-fin-shaped anchors that hold the bridge's cables in place.

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