High Companies founder Sanford H. High counseled his co-workers to “Give Good Measure,” meaning to go beyond expectations of the job. His advice became the name of the Good Measure Awards, a performance-based program that recognizes High co-workers whose outstanding efforts exemplify High’s hardworking, can-do culture and the tenets of The High Philosophy. Winners are celebrated at the annual High Forum management meeting where grand prize winners are announced.

Good Measure Award Winners:

Raymond Ortega, Systems Analyst
Brian Simmons, Senior Database Administrator
Daryl Thomson, Systems Engineer

High Company LLC, Lancaster, Pa.


Behind the scenes of every well-run business are people whose hard work and dedication provides the foundation for continued success. In this case, three High co-workers from different departments within High Information Services collaborated to build an innovative solution that kept a potentially expensive change transparent to the organization.

A system that processes invoices for payment was out of support and scheduled for an upgrade. For budgeting purposes, Ray Ortega obtained a quote from a vendor to manage the upgrade. However, when he calculated the additional technical and development that were required, Ray found that the total cost would jump to three times the original amount or more.

Ray contacted the vendor, initiating multiple phone calls and emails in order to understand the drastic increase. At the same time, he reached out to the system’s technical support desk and learned that the upgrade packages and instructions were available free of charge. He also identified a new platform that could maintain compatibility with system forms.

Ray reached out to Brian Simmons and Daryl Thomson for help, and together they determined that they could upgrade the system in-house instead. They set up a process and worked through the installation using the system’s technical support team for guidance when necessary. When Brian and Daryl were finished, Ray recruited key users to help test the upgraded system and forms platformed, which functioned perfectly and were then placed into service.

Thanks to their technical expertise and commitment to finding innovative solutions, Ray, Brian, and Daryl performed as a cross-functional team and saved the company significant expense. That’s Good Measure that can be measured in dollars!

Nominator: Brenda S. Martin, Manager, Applications & Development, High Company LLC


Good Measure - Ortega Simmons Thomson

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